History isn’t written in stone. As we discover more and revise and build on what we know, our picture of the past changes and gets richer.


Blagdon Local History Society have produced several volumes of their research into the village’s past.

A History of Blagdon, Volume 1.
Blagdon Local History Society

Sold out

A History of Blagdon, Volume 2.
Blagdon Local History Society

A History of Blagdon, Volume 2Introduction • Romano-British settlement Yeo Valley, North Somerset • The Creation of the Ecclesiastical Parish known as Blagdon with Charterhouse on Mendip • Dibbins’s to Post Office Stores • Hannah More and her connections with Blagdon, Part 1 • The Railway in Blagdon • Wells in Blagdon • Shops and Retailers • The Blagdon Branch of the British Legion, 1930-1979 • Flo Addicott, 1912-2003 • Ike Smart, 1914-2002 • Appendix A: Lectures and open forums, Appendix B: Current research.

aa-BLHS3A History of Blagdon, Volume 3.
Blagdon Local History Society

Introduction • Development of the village • Hannah More and her connections with Blagdon, part two: the “Blagdon Controversy” 1798-1802 • The Baptist Church in Blagdon • The Forest of Mendip Lodge Province of Somerset (1962 – 1999) • The Methodist Church in Blagdon • Teazles • The Weavers’ Milk Round • Some Blagdon Houses visited by the Somerset Venacular Buildings Research Group • Appendix A: Lectures and open forums, Appendix B: Current research

aa-BLHS4A History of Blagdon, Volume 4.
Blagdon Local History Society

Introduction • The History and Development of 18th Century • St Andrew’s Church • Augustus Toplady in Blagdon and the “Rock of Ages” • The History of Blagdon School (1880 – 1926) • The Lady of the Lake • World War I and Blagdon • Errata and addenda

Blagdon Voices Mendip Voices
Blagdon Local History Society

Blagdon Voices, Mendip Voices‘The village of Blagdon was a real community because everybody looked out for everybody else. There was an element of minding other people’s business as well! But nobody went uncared for. If somebody was ill, the word soon got around, and a neighbour would turn up with a milk pudding.’

A Double CD of 30 years of Blagdon’s and the Mendip’s oral history.

A History of Blagdon, Volume 5.
Blagdon Local History Society

Introduction • The Knights Templar in Blagdon •
The Charterhouse-on-Mendip Murder • A Branch of the Filer Family Tree • “A Lady Volume 5
of Generous Sympathies” Dame Janet Stancomb-Wills (1854-1932) • Colours,
Vestments and Embroideries of Blagdon Parish Church • Nordrach-upon-Mendip
Sanatorium and the Treatment of Tuberculosis in the Mendip Hills • Convalescence
at Nordrach 1944 • Blagdon Home Guard (1940-1944) • Errata and Addenda • Current
Publications • An Overview of the Society’s Archives

Blagdon on Film (1956-2007)
Blagdon Local History Society

This is a double-DVD compilation of film sequences recording local life and people between 1956 and 2007.  The film-makers were the late Peter Bacon (1918-1999), David Veater and Siobhan Watson.  Some of the earliest films were shot by Peter Bacon on 8mm film without sound so we have added commentaries recorded in 2012 by some of the contributors and collaborators.  David Veater’s film, shot in VHS format in 1984.Blagdon on Film
Jubilee 1977 (Peter Bacon) • Blagdon’s Perfect Day 2007 (Siobhan Watson) • The Conquest of Tippity Top 1957 (Peter Bacon) • St Andrew’s and St Hugh’s 1963-70, 1984 (Peter Bacon & David Veater) • The Last Straw 1964 (Peter Bacon) DVD 2
Railway Dreams 1957 & 1984 (Peter Bacon & David Veater) • Tempus Fugit 1963 (Peter Bacon) • The Lake 1984 (David Veater) • Flower Shows 1956-1969 (Peter Bacon)

Purchasing Blagdon Local History Society publications

Volumes 2-5 cost £5 each, CDs are £10 and the Double-DVD is £12.50 – all available at the Village Stores.  They are available by post for an extra charge; please contact Pip Riley  pip.riley@talk21.com

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