The Langford Inn, Langford?

1 Response to “The Langford Inn, Langford?”

  1. 1 martin taylor February 13, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    Hello, enjoyed the shot of the Langford Inn.Looks like it was taken in the years between the wars. The shops opposite belonged to the Elseworth family, foodstuffs on one side and kitchinware on the other. The Inn was a Georges house just after WW2. Dreadful stuff. In about 1964 when the tenancy became vacant my wife and I thought aboout making an application to fill it, and found the first requirement was a fidelity deposit of £600, which we didn’t have! I remember fondly Lewis Highnam and Dolly who were the tenants in my time. They had a dog that used to sing! On entering the front door customers were faced by two doors into the bar, the one on the right for Langford customers and the one on the left for the Burrington customers. I left the are in 1951 but remain in touch.Had lunch there in Oct last year.

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