Destroyed by fire

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  1. 1 Sheila Johnson July 27, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    Just came across a report in the Western Daily Press, July 7th 1934, with a similar photograph. Shooting Lodge on Ham owned by Lady Wills destroyed in fire. The Lodge was occupied by the head keeper Arthur Kingman and his wife. Mr & Mrs Kingman managed to escape with babe in her arms, the house was soon a roaring furnace. The fire was attended by the fire brigade from Coombe Lodge estate and Banwell brigade, but as the water supply was inadequate to reach the roof, the house was burnt out.
    It was a ten bedroom house and tea rooms built by Lord Winterstoke who entertained many large parties there. It was thought the fire started by spontaneous combustion of the roof of the tea room caused by the prevailing heat.

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