From an unusual spot, Blagdon


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  1. 1 Peter May April 28, 2013 at 11:00 am

    This was taken from the viewpoint in the old quarry below the “The Rocks” at the end of the garden that belongs to Channel View (the Staveacres house). The black conifers in the centre obscure Rock Cottage. Just above them and to the left is what is now Bramble Cottage. This has been completely rebuilt and the pigsty area in the foreground is now the front garden that belongs to it. Mrs Maybe lives there now.
    The cottage on the left has been added to and altered beyond recognition and seems to be what is now Aubretia Cottage. The pig sty having gone a long time ago.
    Interestingly the Grove footpath, which is now bedrock and muddy mulch underfoot looks as though is it had a prepared surface if not tarmaced.

    • 2 Roger and Kathy Francis May 1, 2013 at 11:07 am

      This is the corner of a more general view of the village, as depicted on the “Village and Lake, Blagdon” postcard, which was on sale in the stores, when we moved into “Aubrietia Cottage”, formerly known as “The Rocks”. It is taken from the top of the Rock above what is now two garages, one belonging to Bramble Cottage and one belonging to our cottage. The garages replaced a former pigsty, and the Land of which, is clearly visible in the postcard.
      The land owned by “Aubrietia Cottage” extends to the rocks to this day, except for the garage area owned by “Bramble Cottage”, which was exchanged with “Bramble Cottage”, in return for Derek Maybee building the two garages.
      BrambleCottage also enjoys right of access from the main road, to the adjacent public footpath, running up from Street End Lane, and right of hard standing on the drive in front of the garage.
      At the same time that the garages were built, the garden areas were re -aligned. Depicted in the photograph, is the original layout of the garden, belonging to the second cottage and stretched as far as what is now the gateway for Bramble cottage. It was the only garden for the second cottage, so when the garages were rebuilt, the garden area was also re-aligned to that which is present today. In the photograph, the building in the foreground was a lean to toilet, the base of which was uncovered, when we built the eastern extension to the existing building. This was verified by the late, Ike Smart, who was our neighbour for a number of years, and indeed he had lived in both cottages, which stood on the site, in the photograph. In the bottom left hand corner of the photograph, is the front door of the second cottage, with the path leading to the drive. Until recently, it was possible to discern where the dry stone wall had an entrance for this path. The chimney in the photograph was demolished when the two cottages were made into one, and the existing chimney was used on both sides of the wall, hence the fireplace in the existing lounge!

  2. 3 Peter May May 1, 2013 at 10:39 am

    Actually I’m give to understand that the little shed attached to what is now Aubretia cottage on the left was the outside earth closet.

    • 4 Roger Francis May 2, 2013 at 12:21 pm

      I have now looked at a framed copy of a photograph entitled “Village and Lake Blagdon”, which we have on display in Aubrietia Cottage.It was once the village postcard, which could be purchased in the village stores. A similar photograph is hanging on the wall of the lounge bar of the Seymour Arms, and it was also displayed in the original book called “Bygone Blagdon”.published in 1986.
      In the photograph above, the view is of the corner of one of two cottages that Aubrietia cottage originally was, and Aubrietia Cottage was originally called “The Rocks”, the name being changed just before we came to the village in 1982.
      The “earth closet”is almost an outhouse, and I believe the late Ike Smart, our neighbour for many years, told me that apart from the earth closet, there was a boiler, which presumably is the small chimney.
      The other chinmey in the picture, is the end wall of the second cottage, this was demolished when a Mr. Locke knocked the two cottages into one, and it became a bedroom and lounge attached to the end of the one cottage.
      The cottage below it, is Bramble Cottage.
      The bottom left hand corner of the photograph shows the front door of the second cottage, with the path leading up to an area which was believed to be for keeping pigs, and is now the two garages of the modern cottages. .
      The garden depicted, has changed quite a bit, as this has now been split between Aubrietia Cottage and Bramble Cottage. The outline of the original garden belonging to the second “Rocks” cottage can still be clearly seen, as a raised finger extending to the gateway of Bramble Cottage.
      Page 39 of “Bygone Blagdon” shows a side view of the second cottage and clearly shows the position of the chimney.

  3. 5 Robert Sampson May 1, 2013 at 11:57 am

    Excellent local knowledge, Peter. Don’t suppose it was you who captained England at cricket during the 50’s/60’s??????

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