An extract from the ration book


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  1. 1 Robert Sampson March 13, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    Bill Lyons, the butcher, was, I think, my cousin Jack’s (Clarence) grandfather. Maybe he was the brother of said grandfather. Lyons is a big name in Blagdon; Jack was son of Percy Lyons and Edith Sampson (my dad’s sister). They lived in Blagdon but subsequently moved to Rowberrow where uncle Percy farmed at School Farm. This farm was inherited by Jack, who, sadly, died 2 years ago. It’s now run by his widow, Angie (nee Boyd). There’s also a haulage business to run. When I was a young lad I used to see coaches along in Blagdon and other places called ‘Maid of Mendip’ coaches. This firm was owned by one ‘Twister’ Lyons. There was also a ‘Topper’ Lyons and Gordon Lyons who ran a filling station at the bottom of the steep hill along Bath Road below my uncle Cecil’s shop (Sammy’s). Bob Lyons wa another who I vaguely remember. According to the Blagdon Voices disc the Lyons used to live on Chew Park farm which was submerged when the lake was built there. Apparently it was the first place Ike Smart worked at when he left school. Just a few snippets, boring though they may be, to keep alive some folks’ memories.

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